Baked Egg And Roasted Veggie Casserole

blankYou guys this might be the EASIEST recipe I’ve ever made.  Seriously.

After a full week of meal prepping, I had a ton of leftover veggies that I wanted to use up so I thought why not roast them in a casserole dish and throw some eggs on top!  This dish is literally as simple as that.  And it tastes so without problems delicious !!  The faultless hearty breakfast to skip start off your daylight hours that you would perceive suitable regarding ingesting.  It’s further a enormous manners to intention up any leftover vegetables just sitting regarding your galley that you don’t yearn to set out to squander.  I nearly desire I versed leftover bell peppers given that I may well go through thrown those exceedingly!

To type this , I pre-heated my cooker at 425 degrees F and tossed the veggies in a casserole dish and with regards to a tablespoon of olive petrol.  I old a leftover charming potato , just about three delicacies of broccoli along with a consummate ruby onion , nonetheless you may well in addition reason brussels sprouts , bell peppers , zucchini , chew up, asparagus , cauliflower… ..I mean the potential are truly A nonstop along with you may perhaps quite type this procedure to your own liking !  I kept topics trouble-free also competently more experienced also salt in addition to pepper , excluding sense complimentary to depart crazy plus throw in a product of variegated seasonings or herbs .

Only once the veggies are done roasting you’ll yearn to acquire your casserole dish out of the tandoor, cut back the temp to on the subject of 375 degrees F also then zenith with your eggs .  The most well-to-do techniques I set up to do this was to reason a trivial ramekin (or you may possibly principle a cup) also one and only at a season get to the bottom of the egg into the ramekin along with afterward slide it onto the veggies .  Repeat this since everything 8 eggs at the moment throw in the casserole back into the range since almost 5 minutes .  This allows the eggs to set along with at the moment you may well apex with torn cheese (I hand-me-down Swiss, except believe free of charge to principle what you suffer on hand) .  Then inclusive off the kitchen because an additional 10 minutes the kiln or awaiting the eggs are cooked .

Afterward I simply topped the whole lot plus many popped black pepper , a pinch further of salt plus it was set to set off!  Like I said, the most well-off breakfast constantly and totally better half recommended.  Oh with I must state this was terrific stuffing too!

Detail engagement enlightened I in fact sought after to state this “lazy missy casserole” given that that’s how I definitely capable spilt second gaining this haha .  Aside cherish chopping a few veggies , there wasn’t a good deal of additional to do other than unravel diverse eggs .  I mean I made this on a Sunday with Sundays are meant to be sluggish exact?  So there ya depart.  The exact weekend breakfast (or banquet?!) for as you desire to stay in your pajamas and do for the reason that tiny execute since likely.

You’re welcome .

That appears plus sounds delicious ! I attachment roasted veggies along with I warmth eggs however I under no circumstances considered of putting one another jointly corresponding to this ! Genious!
You experience sorted out my dinner party this day! (I appreciate you commune around it since breakfast , although breakfast because banquet is the top thing ever so…)
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This is such a outstanding principle given that leftover veggies ! I regularly eat veggies in addition to eggs to principle each other conscious except under no circumstances considered of securing something comparable to this casserole . Can’t wait to try it .

This gives the impression consequently delicious !
I attachment roasted veggies also eggs – such a first-class combo !
Izzy | Touch of delight

What on earth a enormous means to use unsleeping leftover veggies ! Fondness effortless along with straightforward cuisines corresponding to this that are yet immense on tang also filling more than usually! Such a immense technique to go through your back pocket to tear out on dead nights once you’re amazed what’s since dinner party! Breakfast since night meal to the rescue ! lol

Whatsoever a great techniques to reason wide awake leftover veggies . Also it’s therefore attractive excessively!

An egg on top of whatever makes the consummate dish superior! This seems breathtaking, friendliness the suggestion!

This is genius ! I labor under sundry veggies as well as their bring up the whole thing way over this . What on earth a immense technique!

I’m not gonna lie , I’d wholly make a recipe if it was rang “Lazy Dame Casserole.” Sluggish or not even though, this looks amazing.

I Care this information! My two much loved issues in only! Also it doesn’t seem too complicated ! Will definitely withstand to try!

Wow! I completely tolerate to try this , it seems delicious !! 😀

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