Are You Making Excuses for Not Trying Yoga?

Why Not Try Yoga for better Health and Weight Loss?

People procrastinate on all kinds of things, mostly to their detriment, but if you keep coming up with reasons not to try yoga, you may be doing yourself a serious disservice. Yoga can help you with stress, weight loss, chronic pain and self-esteem. If you haven’t tried it, maybe it’s time to rethink your reasoning. Do any of the following excuses sound familiar?



1. It’s Boring

Yoga is far from boring; it’s simply more of a personal experience than other methods of becoming fit and healthy. You won’t tackle, intercept or hear the roar of an excited crowd, but neither should you feel bored during yoga. If you do, you might be doing it wrong.

As a tool of empowerment, yoga speaks with a quiet voice.

2. You Can’t Bend … At All

If too many slices of cheesecake or double cheeseburgers have left you unable to see your feet, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever be able to touch your toes again. Yoga gradually increases flexibility, so don’t discount it simply because you can’t contort yourself into a human pretzel. Most yoga enthusiasts can’t do that either.

As a physical tool, yoga allows you to progress at your own pace, on your own terms.

3. You Think You’ll Look Absurd

Self-consciousness is certainly normal, but if you allow such feelings of insecurity to keep you from trying yoga, you’ll have to accept the alternative, which is feeling and looking out of shape. Not everyone who practices is in perfect shape, and yoga classes are known for being accepting, welcoming and encouraging. Besides, because yoga is such a personal journey, the external world kind of becomes irrelevant.

Yoga, as a confidence-builder, elevates you with pure honesty, not artificial or superficial hype.

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4. You’ll Have To Change Your Religious Beliefs

Yoga is not a religion, nor does it profess any theology. Improving oneself is a natural and accepted way of life under any deity.

The more capable you are, the more capable you are of helping others — a philosophy that coincides with any house of religion. Yoga can prepare you to be a better person from the inside out, and that benefits you and everyone you meet.



5. You Don’t Enjoy Groups Or Public Displays Of Sweat

For whatever reason you’d rather be alone, you’re certainly in good company. Millions of people the world over have reservations and even outright anxieties about mixing it up with others. That’s OK. You can still make yoga a part of your life, without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Being alone with yoga can be more beneficial, as the weight of social judgment and distraction is removed.

If any of these excuses sound familiar, stop making them. You have far too many things to gain with yoga and nothing to lose, except maybe a few pounds, a lot of stress and a boatload of earthly baggage. Give it a try for a week or so; you’ll likely find in yoga a new way of living and of solving persistent problems. When you do, you’ll never look back.