And now Jessi’s amazing Story

And Another Amazing Story!!! 

This is Jessi’s story:

“SO proud of myself! — 29 pounds GONE, one pound shy of 30! I’m so glad I found Skinny Fiber, I’m the HEALTHIEST I have even been in my life!

Before Skinny Fiber I was so depressed! I felt disgusting, useless, hopeless, anything you could imagine, i felt it! I had no energy, I literally laid on the couch with my son, that was it!

ANYWAYS here’s my story, its a little personal but anyone that knows me, already knows it!! —I was always mocked about my weight when I was younger, the kids in elementary school use to always call me chipmunk because I had “chubby” cheeks and wasn’t “thin” like them! Entering high school (like most) I started hanging out with the older kids, doing the usual to fit in, smoking, drinking, doing things I shouldn’t have been doing! When I was in high school I never knew how to take care of myself, so my weight didn’t go very far! It was always up and down, which led to more depression because I felt like a failure and that no matter how hard I tried at anything I was always going to fail, which was true at the time!

In grade nine I moved away back to my home town to live with my father and his girlfriend and made newer, Older friends! I eventually went with starving myself and got to the lowest weight and size I had ever been in my life (size 5, weight 110) , my family and friends were so shocked/disgusted when they seen me a year and half later I moved back to my mom’s!

From there my weight started to go back up, especially after my grandfather died just before the summer of 09′ , he was my world and it impacted my life drastically! I was already an alcoholic before but after his death, I was completely lost, I stopped caring about anything (specially myself). I had 3 people and 3 people only to help me with my grandfather’s death, My best friend, Addison W, My little sister, Nicole B and my GREAT friend who I miss dearly , Jeno F! Soon after my grandfathers death, the unthinkable happened, I also lost one of the only 3 people there to help me with my grandfather’s death, my friend Jeno! — He left us with AMAZING memories, &&’ even though summer 09′ was the worst year of my life, it was also the best!

The end of 2010, I meet the love of my life and decided enough was enough, I needed to get better for myself and that’s just what I did! I’ve been sober for well over 2 years and haven’t touched a cigarette since October, 3rd 2011! —- June, 3rd 2012 was the happiest day of my life, I gave birth to the most handsome little boy, EVER, named Brayden! Anyhow, my depression is now under control and i have my energy back (and then some Hehehe) all thanks to Skinny Fiber! I have a new outlook on life && i’m not taking it for granted!* Think positive and positive things will happen (I tell myself this every morning)!”



It is true!  When you feel full you eat less.  Go here to start your 90 day Challenge.