Almost-Raw Carrot Cake Bliss Balls

blankIt’s April which means – time for carrot desserts! Or, well, in this case, carrot snacks. These lightly sweetened carrot bites are great for 3pm snacktime or an on-the-go breakfast. They’re more carroty than cakey – and by that I mean that they’re not cake-like at all and there’s no baking required (if you’re really craving cake click here). They’re chewy little balls manufactured cherish a blend of carrots , sunflower seeds , appointments, coconut , with cinnamon .

By well-known entreaty, I envisioned these nut gratis (as long since coconut is ok) – I was absolutely tempted to try an almond version , although I fixed back for sunflower seeds fit these together fairly nicely . Since an almond-carrot recipe, take into account these cookies ?

These look surely yummy ! I’m continuously probing as snack plan given that my kiddo’s daycare , because it is a nut-free package. Awe-inspiring! Thanks as posting this !

You’re welcome , I expect you and your modest solitary enjoy these !

It doesn’t area to me that they are additional carrot inside the flavour ! That effortlessly sounds surely delicious as well as can affection to try each other!

Oh my gosh…these sound marvelous! I warmth coconut date balls plus the addition of carrots also maple syrup is genius 🙂

I’m thus happy you loved them!

I am passionate along furthermore anything carrot-cake interconnected furthermore can’t kill time to seek out your procedure. These blare absolutely delicious !

For somebody in addition to a tree junky allergy you suffer no hints how loved it is to experience a healthy snack technique (especially vigor ‘bites or balls’) , that has effortless,simple aspect in them – Thank you !!!

You’re welcome ! I wish you take pleasure in!

Wow! This gives the impression absolutely amazing! With exact since kinsfolk equivalent to me who don’t eat sugar 😀 Thank you since confessing!

If I needed to try out a version plus almonds or walnuts in its place of sunflower seeds , could I just stock the 1 cup bulk the equal? I basically regularly go through insane on hand pretty than the sunflower seeds . We are addicted to your no-bake almond butter oatmeal bites– I experience assorted in the fridge right at this time. In point of fact, I’ve suffered a prolonged procure inside the fridge this history month . This technique gives the impression cherish a delicious transformation on that staple– snack , healthy dessert , deliciousness .

Hi Amy, I’m meditating walnuts will function the equal (or pecans) . I’ll present it a undertake along with allow you recognize. Delighted you similar to the oatmeal bites so a great deal of!

Thank you , Jeanine! I’m attaining these this weekend . We warmth the entirety the instructions and the cookbook . My friends ask me how I catch my wife to eat vegetarian also I duty one another to cleanly attempt one of your recipes. In truth, he says when we experience something healthy along with delicious (which is basically the entirety the moment at present for no sacrifice inside flavor) , this has to engagement a Attachment & Lemons! Without difficulty want you to familiar with how a good deal of we appreciate you ! 😊

aww , I care hearing this ! Thank you !!!

Any info if these will freeze in any case, with the carrots them? Thanks!

Hi Angela – I haven’t confirmed chilly each other thus I’m not confident how they’ll thaw . After moment I style them I’ll offer it a undertake even though!

Carrots? Wow, it’s important!

MMMmmm! These disturbance delicious with I attachment that you used sunflower seeds fairly than insane. I risk the zest is every scrap for the reason that satisfactory.

are carrots raw ? They seem to be, excluding I without problems might not aggregate out whatsoever is not raw as you titled it almost raw… I will variety these because my female descendant as quickly since I number out 🙂

Yes the carrots are raw… Regretful the label is perplexing. Several personalities go after a raw diet along with *technically* maple syrup is not a raw ingredient for the reason that it gets heated at assorted point at some stage in it’s making.

Sounds incredible. Do you principle spanking new coconut or might you use the dry flakes ?

dried torn coconut (not the flakes) . Hope that helps !

Wow, that looks consequently yummy !!! Warmth all those healthy features. The excellent snack . Go through to attempt attaining it:)

This sounds massive. Any systems I may style each other without rendezvous?

The dates are foremost to fit these in concert.

If you don’t similar to dates, seek this variegated procedure where I hand-me-down maple syrup (the few get-together in there aren’t intrinsic to bind): https://www

Thanks! Can apricots function or may that engagement disgusting, do you imagine?

I’m in truth not positive without aiming 🙂 Dates taste a nice looking neutral eating albeit thus I’m not certain if apricots may troth exceedingly angelic.

Could raisins operate?

Hi Rachel – yay , I’m as a result happy you’re gratifying these ! Admit me absorb anything variant tang combos you come up with!

this looks in reality very good as well as it fixed my eye because I eat plain-old carrot sticks because a snack , thus may friendliness to taste something further attention grabbing plus tasty , thank you because this !

Exceptionally yum . Admired these .

I’m as a result pleased to find out that !

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