Almond Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

Six years of blogging and there is not ONE zucchini bread recipe on this site! I’m not sure how that happened, but we’re changing that today :). I flipping love zucchini bread. I made about 6 loaves while testing this recipe and I’m still just as much in love with zucchini bread as I was when I started 🙂

I hope you have gardens full of zucchini (or at least 2 medium zucchini), and enjoy this recipe as much as Jack and I do!

This recipe makes 2 loaves (you can freeze one!) and uses 2 cups of grated zucchini. Which denote that you could like this as a snack or since breakfast , or both and familiar with that you’re (sort of) accomplishing in a serving of green vegetables .

The recipe pictured here uses eggs . I like better this version given that the loaf rises more adept in addition to it delicately makes for a light, cake-y texture . Don’t worry, there’s a vegan possibility less than given that at any rate – the simply disparity is that the sans-egg technique pulls off not get up as a good deal of, making its texture plenty moist . I friendliness both versions as abundant reasons in addition to everything of the loaves came across polished off basically the equal here in my nuclear family house.

I just about forgot… maybe the finest allowance – chocolate chips ! If you’re a zucchini purist , you can go out them off , save for my recommendation zucchini plus chocolate exert united such as peanut butter along with jelly .

Cook in anticipation of the tops of the loaves are flattering brown . Portion or freeze the excess loaf !

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I choked out the investigation!

Can’t believe I haven’t arranged zucchini bread still this year. Very good memento that I appetite to dig up on that ! Intimacy that it makes 2 loaves as they beyond doubt do freeze mammoth.

looks delicious – am frenzied to attempt the technique!

Packed out the study. I without problems made zucchini bread the day before today as well as it’s method superior than I consider. Will brand yours subsequently instant!

Examination is completed. Terrific agitated to style the zucchini bread today!

I’m as a result energized to seek zuccini , bread , merely won’t engagement by means of almond milk for of the almond industry . Assure give selections the fortune!

therefore bizarre that it’s not for fashionable there ! It’s my favorite 🙂

Yearning pass on to attempting also confessing this recipe. Love Almond Breeze – affordable, kitchenette repeated, plus low calorie !

Consequently happy to be conscious of that !

Can’t kill time to attempt this zucchini bread ! FYI…since the enquiry looked geared towards Almond Breeze, I will express that I’ve stopped purchasing it because they no longer toughen it also B12. Differently, it’s the dairy absolved milk my youth cherished top.

This is distinct to the formula procedure, then again I’ve got wind of that sublingual B12 absorbs best (it comes in a bottle and an eye dropper) . It supported me whilst I more established a B12 topic in the beginning end year, only hunted to allotment!

I exceedingly am a zucchini bread female friend in addition to still haven’t manufactured any this summer ! I absolutely plan to try out this formula procedure before the term is more than. I yet packed out your examination 🙂

Packed out the enquiry! Along with thanks for a nice techniques to purpose various of the zucchini establishing up in my garden ! I might taste to boost the zucchini by 1.5x this procedure to consider like I’m attaining a dent inside our overstock !

Investigation completed. I’ll definitely taste to try out this also part this procedure with a associate. She makes chocolate zucchini cake , so I comprehend she’ll care this recipe. Thank you given that admitting. :0)

This seems altogether delicious ! What on earth a amusement wind on the traditional zucchini bread !


I haven’t proposed this a extensive point in time, not at all plus almond flour , so thank you for the reason that this version furthermore because the zucchini bread knick-knack in wide-ranging, equivalent to the chocolate chips overly!

Almond breeze is still well known here Spain.

I’ll try out your technique entirely quickly, it looks hence tasty !

Ended the study 🙂 I truly corresponding to the almond breeze almond coconut blend- I sip it every sunup my coffee ! I stake it would engagement grand in this procedure, exceedingly!

Can’t kill time to brand this (and I jam-packed out the enquiry because well) !

This looks yum . I filled out the survey. I truly similar to their Cashew milk yet enhanced.

I do exaggeratedly – excellent creamy !

Jam-packed it out with misinformation hang around to purpose my garden zucchini for this !

affection the addition of almond flour . I’m not gluten free of charge nonetheless I attempt to minimize therefore this is a outstanding compromise of types haha . Packed out the survey for in any case!

I attachment zucchini bread , save for pass through under no circumstances competent it and almondmilk , almond flour , nor chocolate chips . The whole lot of that sounds amazing! I feel I’ll troth attaining this shortly plus will most likely throw in slivered almonds . Thanks! I full out the examination, exaggeratedly.

This is materializing. At the present time. <3

Full out the study! Can’t linger to brand the bread !

I pass through a nice big Zucchini interruption as me once I get hold of home to class this ! Could you restore the whole thing intention flour as well as function all almond as an alternative? Without difficulty inquiring as I attachment to cook this because friends plus sensitive tummies 🙂

Hi Rebecca, I haven’t confirmed it in addition to the entirety almond flour – I’m not sure if it’ll engagement more than usually solid. Although I feel a gluten at no cost the whole lot principle blend might substitute the universal flour (I equivalent to Pamela’s).

Choked out the study 🙂 That zucchini bread seems delish !

Packed out the examination!

Merely entered the enquiry also apprehensive I may well be triumphant! I warmth to slip inside a jot veggies along with extreme each time feasible therefore the formula procedure is ideal for the reason that me 🙂

Cannot wait to product this ! Full out the review. I experience a interrogative on making it vegan . Since the flax eggs do I need to type the 2 tablespoons of flax plus 2 tablespoons of hose down 4 times to brand 4 “eggs”?

I basically caught up it , remorseful! Purpose 1/4 ground flaxseed to 1/2 cup water measure.

Thank you ! As well sought after to engagement certain to tell you that we comprehensively Tenderness all your recipes. There has not been solitary procedure that we have attempted with not altogether loved! I am wonderful fastidious exceedingly! Thank you hence a good deal of as everything your stiff operate!

Thank you , Cynthia, I friendliness hearing that !

Thanks for the reason that the recipe. The examination is rapid. In addition intimacy your cookbook

thanks Judy, I’m cheerful you’re gratifying the cookbook !

I full out the study.

Filled out the survey! Nowadays to product that bread !

I ended the investigation!

Hi Jayne, Bouldin Creek Cafe – it’s competently south of downtown , it may possibly engagement a curtest Uber there as well as you might walk wide awake as well as sip South Congress while you’re finished. Have amusing!

Yay, I’m thence glad you went there also loved it ! I cast off to eat there multiple times in step with week – that chipotle pecan pesto is crazy-amazing , I’ve in reality worked out a technique as it , you roused me to trade it sometime almost immediately. 🙂

Choked out the study! Almond milk is average inside our residence assignable to dairy hypersensitivity. Luckily it’s delicious in addition to bakes very in any case!

Care attempting new zucchini bread instructions! Still tenderness almond milk . Full out the examination!

Appears yummy !

We submit to zucchini galore , this day happens to troth a baking day because me . I on a regular basis brand these bread methods into muffins plus cleanly more scant baking time…Easier since the clan to grab since we pour out the entrance. I’ll troth trying this formula procedure in this day and age!

Hi Christy! Let me absorb how this play since muffins 🙂

I tenderness zucchini bread ! Your technique looks chiefly delicious… chocolate chips make all superior 🙂

My grandma keeps allowing for me zucchini’s take pleasure in her garden in addition to at present I recognize whatever to do plus the 3 I undergo also to intention my fridge !

Thanks for the souvenir card occasion – I full out the investigation. I cannot kill time to class this zucchini bread ! I’m hosting brunch since a few friends subsequently weekend furthermore this sounds appreciate the ideal dessert . 🙂

Except you undergo a grand chcoclate zucchini muffin receipe inside the textbook!

Precise! I’m as a result relieved you’ve been pleasuring the chocolate zucchini muffins 🙂

this appears yummy – thanks given that the technique.

I choked out the survey! I used to class zucchini bread with my mama with sisters nearly every week in the summer developing wakeful. This brings back rememberings! Can’t pass the time to try out your formula procedure! xx

I have 2 cartons of Almond Breeze almondmilk the fridge accurate at this time. Both unsweetened . Only vanilla plus one and only quintessential. I use the vanilla for the reason that cereal with coffee with the principal since baking and cookery. Your zucchini bread gives the impression delicious . Attachment that you go through a vegan selection which I’m moving to bake. Thank you !!!

Care zucchini bread ! I currently pass through a surplus of yellow summer chomp inside my garden do you understand if that may possibly duty in location of the zucchini ?

I cannot hang around to try this procedure out !!! Flowing to get your hands on the aspect this evening 🙂 Thank you since exposing the whole thing of your marvelous guidelines. They certainly not fail! Likewise, I filled out the enquiry. I am a marketer , thus surveys are worthwhile to me because anyways in addition to I undertake to fill them out whenever demand!

Mammoth procedure! Attachment zucchini plus chocolate !

Full out the review! I can’t place confidence in this is the primarily formula procedure for the reason that zucchini bread on the blog ! It gives the look therefore delicious also I labor under the entirety the elements on hand , so I know what I’m making as an afternoon snack !

I hadn’t considered of combining zucchini as well as chocolate…yum !

Study conveyed! With I’m deliberating of attempting this procedure this weekend !

I ended the investigation!

Jam-packed out the investigation. Longing transmits to creating the bread .

I choked out the survey! Plus I’m regularly pleased to meet up with numerous ways to intention wide awake zucchini !

Therefore humorous! I went on your web content the day before today probing because this literal formula procedure, nevertheless no chance. Produced your dual chocolate zucchini muffins relishes the cookbook instead. Rotated out delicious for the reason that frequently, can’t hang around to undertake this only with everything of my homegrown zucchs !

Ha, omg , whatever a twist of fate!! I wish you take pleasure in this recipe given that well 🙂


Easily packed out the study.

Thanks since this technique. Hindrance on a zucchini bread formula procedure. This appears delicious . Furthermore filled out the survey

Tenderness Zucchini bread ! I resembling to type frittata in addition to additional zucchini with corn . I furthermore made ready the survey, I function almond milk every daylight hours!

Jam-packed out examination! This looks awe-inspiring. I do place chocolate chips inside pumpkin bread although in no way checked it in zucchini bread . Can’t wait to undertake it .

Investigation, ready! abundant news, this bread seems astonishing. I desire I had a split true at the present.

Ended the investigation. I am anxiously anticipating the manifestation of my zuke trim take pleasure in the garden . Too a lot of rain has slowed down its explosion .

Gives the look delicious !

Such a not bad manners to reason zucchini this term! Can’t find way over how delicious those chocolate chips glance!!

Surveyed! Intimacy zucchini bread ! Might prob sub a mashed banana for the reason that the eggs . Yum!

I yearn a large break up!

You labor under unquestionably elevated the oft conveyed for granted zucchini in addition to admit it blast off with such wonderful texture in this bread;the chocolate chattered it more than the peak! Thank you consequently much.

This gives the impression delicious ! A question… may perhaps this engagement envisioned gluten-free ? May I easily sub all use flour as gluten-free flour ?

Hi Payton – I haven’t attempted it still, nonetheless I feel that could job, mainly if you experience a GF flour you cherish (I cherish Pamela’s), in addition to if you’re moving as well as the egg version of the recipe. It may troth exaggeratedly dense if by the use of the vegan formula procedure.

This seems hence good, I will engagement struggling this solitary out ! Thank you given that plus the Vegan version in addition to the instruction on ensuring a tolerable get up 🙂

Finished survey. Recipe seems yummy !

I jam-packed out the study 🙂 I friendliness zucchini bread furthermore tolerate arranged a vegan version . Can’t linger to attempt this solitary!

I packed out the review! Tenderness zucchini bread in addition to this procedure gives the look delicious !

Bread gives the impression Amazing! I choked out the survey!

Your Almond chocolate chip zucchini bread seems exceptionally delicious . I will unquestionably seek this procedure. Thanks since sharing this smashing procedure.

I go through the entirety of the issues on hand to style this attractive formula procedure at the moment, by the use of mini loaf pans hence that I may well allocation various and freeze many. BTW, I conveyed the survey; thanks given that the opportunity to be triumphant!

I filled out the make a note Plus am looking forward to attaining this zucchini bread ! What on earth a excellent techniques to intention wakeful zucchini in the course of the summer .

The almond zest to the zucchini bread sounds delicious as well as the chocolate chips . Can’t hang around to attempt the formula procedure!

Thank you for the reason that this technique! Can’t hang around to try it out ! I’ve always jam-packed out the examination.

Gives the impression delicious ! Filled out the investigation.

Can’t pass the time to brand this weekend . Investigation prepared!

Long time lurker , on the other hand observation (and I jam-packed out the survey) . May well you opinion storing leftovers on the counter or the fridge ?

Hi Lindsay – thanks because make a remark :). I quit mine out on the counter because about a day… longer than that , I place it inside the fridge .

Hmm..maybe I should make this as well as doodle leftovers 😍

Do you feel I could sub supplementary the entirety purpose since the almond flour or is it neccesary ?

I imagine hence – I may possibly give a scrap further olive fuel as a result that it’s not dry (since almond flour contains fat)… excluding I can’t express given that convinced without striving. Grant me acquaint with if you award it a depart?

Thank you thence a large amount of. Will do .

I’ve been needing a fresh zucchini bread procedure. So happy to pass through lone! I still full out the investigation 🙂

Animated to try out this procedure!! I hunger to do something assorted than barbecue everything this zucchini I’ve been accomplishing in my publication CSA! Thanks as confessing 🙂 . Review inclusive 😉

Zucchini bread as the triumph! This seems delicious !

Filled out the examination!

I taste various almond milk in addition to this seems appreciate a pleasing means to use conscious the box . I filled out the study. Your blog found out me to seek tempeh 😊

Yay – I wish you reveled the tempeh !

Enquiry submitted ! I continuously omit how a great deal of I cherish zucchini bread .

I did the survey! Merely got hold of various zucchini indulge in a neighbor the day gone by so I’m animated to class bread !

I carried the investigation.

Enquiry ready. I cant hang around to try this Zucchini Bread! I am loving your blog , your method along with formulae are 5 *****!!

thank you !!

This Bread Formula procedure is craving thence yummy !!

Seems delicious . I accepted the examination.

So a great deal of zucchini from our farm portion true at present. Thanks because the procedure! I chattered the study.

Hi! Can’t kill time to seek this . Do you comprehend if this bread freezes well. May affection to set that bit loaf the freezer as one more occasion.


It freezes grand! I only admit the complete loaf thaw at room temp or inside the fridge as half a daylight hours or thence.

I filled out the study – was really thus animated to envisage a procedure that Began as well as Almond Breeze since I often purpose it to replace anyway excluding don’t constantly know as soon as it will duty. An added immense obsession – Almond Breeze gives the look to be further readily obtainable inside grocery stores , whereas the varying milk I may well taste (goat) I frequently submit to to go off a modest out of my systems as (even in Manhattan). So I was agitated to envision a recipe where I may come across all of the ingredients at my local grocers ! xx H.

Great point in time of every year for the reason that this technique! Yet, full out the enquiry!

I got here to your blog to observe a zucchini bread formula procedure furthermore it was the really originally fad I capable! I will definitely engagement attempting out this recipe inside the afterwards few existence. I yet took the examination. Care the textbook plus the blog . I talk wildly just about it to my friends frequently. Thank you given that exposing 🙂

Ha, consequently delighted this business was really appropriate! Thank you , I’m therefore smiling to listen to that you’ve been delighting the essay!

Jam-packed out the investigation! Thrilled to undertake securing this bread !

I Fondness Almond Milk!

I prepared the investigation!

Ended the examination. Procured zucchini this sunup thence now I’m off to make some bread !

Chattered the survey- this formula procedure appears mammoth!

Ended the enquiry. Thank you for exposing this astonishing technique because the Almond Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread! Consequently yummy !

full out the investigation!

Yum! We’re attaining this day after today 🙂

Without problems jam-packed out examination plus can’t wait to attempt this procedure. It appears delicious !

Did the study.

Examination ready!

Great timing ! I’ve came across a motley of zucchini waiting to engagement manufactured into bread also muffins , with I can’t linger to try out your recipe. I full out the examination, excessively!

I wouldn’t intention coconut milk fancy a may possibly (it’s a great deal of added greasy than almond milk) – the type cherish a carton should troth all right.

yummy ! also investigation completed! I’m a huge fan of almond milk…I’m a vegan . 🙂

Hi there !


Thank you since admitting your formulae! I own your cookbook along with warmth it . I filled out the survey. Once more, thank you !

looks delicious ! jam-packed out the study too

We suffered plenty of zucchini (and iced up at slightest a dozen loaves of zucchini bread) previous summer nonetheless oddly , it made ready not grow at everything in our garden this once a year. I ended your investigation. There’s steadily something to use almond milk because! Have the benefit of your latest marital!

I packed out the review!

This technique gives the look delicious ! I warmth both almonds and zucchini also to combine the two collectively is something really magical👌

Choked out study. I procure Kirkland variety Almond Milk on a regular basis.

Thank you because posting a vegan selection version . I baked this formerly today furthermore it is delicious 🙂

Choked out the study! I equivalent to obtaining the unsweetened almond milk for a dairy selection that’s less important inside sugar . I in addition sip cow’s milk other than cherish the flavor of almond milk a bouquet.

Yum. Care almond milk .

Tenderness the addition of chocolate chips !

I jam-packed out the examination!

I packed out the review. Warmth almond milk in addition to this formula procedure!

Study is done! As a result thrilled to brand my zucchini bread . Oh and almond breeze vanilla almond milk is a Staple inside my fridge until the end of time 🙂


Made ready the review! Fondness the pbj along with zucchini/chocolate analogy !!

I’ve been on such a zucchini baked- wareses delight lately- This will engagement an added enormous technique to undertake out !

Investigation sent ! Plus zucchini effortlessly picked with delay to be grated into this bread !

Despite of which class of almond milk- I often function these guidelines! Our family unit enjoys this bread !!! Excellent good fortune also the study!

Jam-packed out the study! Along with YUM my mama used to class something extraordinarily equivalent to this . Thrilled to seek it !!

I’ve found your zucchini bread inside the oven as well as I packed out your study to assist fade the time:) reveled analyzing almost about you inside the certain current area of Safe to eat Austin!

Did your study! Plus am moving to try out your recipe. It’s highly equivalent to a vegan technique I latterly confirmed excluding I didn’t acquaint with that concerning the eggs vs no eggs . I am not vegan therefore I will experience to attempt it both ways to picture which I cherish finest! Additionally warmth beyond you on Instagram – your photos are enormously smart and kindle me to make suitable nutrition preferences!

Positively giving this technique a try out at the present time! Effortlessly picked various zucchini take pleasure in my garden😊 Likewise, I packed out the survey😁

This seems thus tasty ! On a regular basis I resort to banana bread , nonetheless this is a giant systems to use wide awake the humble green vegetable as a replacement, and probably divide sip on sugar overly. I pray to attempt this out presently, with I made ready the survey!

Prepared the enquiry. This bread sounds hence first-class!

Yum! I suffer been looking since a way to principle up different zucchinis , and the boyfriend will care this ! Thanks as exposing, can’t wait to variety it . Likewise made ready the review since ya ! 🙂

Filled out the review and can’t linger to attempt this yummy bread ! Your formulae are constantly a hit my residence 🙂

I packed out the examination additionally. I taste to catch Almond Milk more often! These are not bad methods, by the manners! Thanks.

I prepared the survey. I’d care to imagine Almond Breeze do away with gums derive pleasure their goods. I hand-me-down to acquire it jot can no longer undergo the gums further in.

I tenderness zucchini bread !!! Thanks for the reason that adding the vegan route. I entered the survey too 🙂

I full out the survey!


Did the review..

Not confident if this is exceedingly late although I completed the examination! Thanks since the zucchini bread formula procedure 🙂 Reveled it

I am going downstairs to product this bread now in addition to the different of zucchini I tolerate delight in the garden…and I hitherto submit to the almond milk as a result YEAH!

Inside tenderness along furthermore this bread…making it extremely almost immediately.

Hi, my point out is Jeanine – I fondness cuisine that’s clean, sparkling along with oft finished plus a find time for of lemon . I boil plus photo diet with my partner Jack bright Austin, TX.