A Wonderful Testimonial from Candie – How she feels about skinny Fiber

Great Testimonial from Candie in her own words…

“I believe in Skinny Fiber so much that I want everyone to know about it. In just 30 days after starting Skinny Fiber I was energized again, something I have desperately needed since being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in September of 2011 and Crohn’s disease in June of 2012. This was shortly after I passed out at my 7-year-old daughter’s softball game from being nutritionally depleted because of my colitis/Crohn’s. I soon began many different nutritional infusions including iron. At that time of my collapse I had a ferritin (iron level) of 7. The normal level is in the 120 range. The doctor couldn’t recall a level so low. My blood pressure was 53/32. I had blood transfusions for my low white blood cell counts. I subsequently was admitted to the hospital two more times that summer for my low counts. The doctor said my colon was literally sucking nutrients that I needed from my body. I did try to start Skinny Fiber during this time, but had decided to hold off until the colonic problems were under better control. 

I was in danger of losing most of my colon. I was having a relapse every six weeks while on Remicade AND prednisone. The prednisone caused me to gain 30 pounds. At my worst I was 231 pounds. I was sent to a gastroenterologist who specializes in Crohn’s and colitis and had my Remicade doubled and was started on Lialda and vitamin D. (most of my nutrient levels were in the single digits). The increased Remicade put me in semi remission, but I wasn’t close to my baseline level of function.

After several treatment adjustments, I started Skinny Fiber again on April 15, 2013. Within one week I felt the energy and tiredness going away. Within two weeks I felt my clothes getting looser and easier to zipper. It became very difficult not to weigh or measure myself, but I was determined to wait four weeks. My first shock came at the 7 pounds on May 13, 2013. I then proceeded to measure myself and write it down, but didn’t have time to enter them into my Skinny Fiber 90-day challenge page. I went for my iron infusion and hurried back home. I couldn’t wait to find out how many inches were gone. I was in shock —-NINE INCHES gone! That was just the beginning and I was determined to see the end!

My energy is through the roof. I have had no symptoms of my colonic problems since being on Skinny Fiber (except for the one week I went off between bottles because of not ordering it on time). When I restarted the SF, my symptoms went away again. My white counts are normal again, my nails are growing, my hair is finally growing, and I am getting out of the house again. I used to spend days in bed, but now I am able to clean the house again and go to the store. I was able to volunteer two days at Boy Scout Camp as a leader for my son. I spoke to both of my gastro doctors AND my PCP about going on this and after reading the labels they all encouraged me to try it. My hematologist was elated and encouraged me to continue even after I lose the weight. They all can’t get over the improvement I have made since I started it. In fact, my family doctor’s mouth dropped open when he saw me! His wife is the nurse at my gastro doctor’s office, so he knew my history through her. The Pittsburgh gastro is even considering taking me off the Lialda. I will never take prednisone ever again. 

I love the way I feel. I think I am even starting to feel as good as I did before I had kids and was 118 pounds!!! My sister tells me I am finally bearable to be around. My son can’t get over how happy I am. My daughter is finally able to spend some time with me that doesn’t include me lying in bed playing Uno in my room. We are getting out of the house together! I will never give up Skinny Fiber even if I never lost a pound. It has literally CHANGED MY LIFE!”



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