5 Brutally Effective Strategies For Losing 10-15 Pounds Quickly



If you’re aiming to lose a little weight, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’re going to discover several effective strategies for losing 10 to 15 pounds quickly and easily. So without any further introduction, let’s get straight to it.

Strategy 1 – Drink a glass of water before every meal

One of the quickest ways to make yourself feel fuller after every meal is to drink a tall glass of water before you sit down to eat. Not only will this keep you well-hydrated, but it will also make even a small, low-calorie meal feel more filling than before – which is perfect for when you’re already following a calorie controlled diet.

Interestingly, there is a growing body of research that shows the act of drinking water before a meal makes a dieter more successful than the ones who don’t – regardless of the diet plan they are following!

Strategy 2 – Half your portions

If you’re searching for a quick, easy, and astonishingly effective dieting strategy that does not involve complex diet plans or avoiding all of your favorite foods – then the half your portions technique is the perfect solution for you.

As the name suggests, all you need to do is half your portions – and if you’re still hungry – eat the other half a few hours later. This will teach you a few surprising things, like how you can still feel full by eating less food than you think.

What’s more, there is no denying how quick and simple this diet can be – because you won’t need to throw away the entire contents of your fridge or seek out strange diet ingredients that the latest fad diet requires. Ultimately, this technique is short, simple, and effective – what more could you want?


Strategy 3 – Cut out the processed carbs

Despite the huge swathe of new diets that hit the market every year, they often boil down to the same core components. In most cases, they simply involve consuming only lean proteins, and healthy, low carb vegetables.

Of course, this requires a great deal of discipline – because it means you need to cut out those sugary desserts and delightful pizzas – but if you can summon the willpower to eat only lean protein and healthy carbs for 30 days, you’ll be shocked and delighted by the fat loss that ensues.

Strategy 4 – Try the 5/2 diet

Perhaps one of the most interesting diets to have been discovered over the last decade is the 5/2 diet. The core premise of this diet is to eat like you usually would for 5 days of the week, then pick two days out of the week where you’ll stick to just 650 calories a day.

This intermittent fasting diet has shown a lot of promise, and there’s growing evidence to suggest that it can provide a range of other health benefits, too.

Ultimately, there is no denying how easy and convenient this diet can be to follow – especially if you lead a busy, hectic lifestyle which makes it difficult to prepare healthy meals every single day.

By cutting the calories on a weekly, rather than daily schedule, you’ll still be able to achieve dramatic weight loss with just 2 days of dieting a week – and what could be better than that?

Strategy 5 – Train for an event

One of the biggest problems with losing weight isn’t finding the right diet plan, but simply finding the motivation to truly apply yourself. With this in mind, one of the best ways to lose some weight is to train for a specific event – such as a half marathon.

If you’re a competitive person, this will quickly put you into the optimal state of mind for eating better and exercising regularly – and by making your goal to train for your race rather than lose 10 pounds – you’ll often find you have the energy to achieve both goals without struggling to summon the willpower every single day.

Regardless of the event you decide to train for setting a bigger goal is always a great way to motivate yourself – and it often allows you to scoop up the rewards of achieving several smaller goals along the way.


Overall, it’s safe to say that weight loss is a difficult task for most people, even if you’re only aiming to lose 5 to 10 pounds. Of course, this problem can quickly compound when you’re aiming to lose 30 or even 50 pounds. But by adopting a proven strategy that you can incorporate into your lifestyle, youíll quickly discover that you can lose a great deal of weight without really having to focus on the task too much.

If you keep these strategies in mind and give each of them a try, you’ll be sure to find something that works for you, and ultimately you’ll be able to achieve your desired weight without demoralizing yourself too much in the process!

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