3 Sweet Valentine's Day Protein Treats

Skip the store-bought calories bombs and express your love with these protein treats.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so why not try your hand at one of these decadent protein treats to impress your sweetheart? Your loved one will definitely appreciate the fact that these delicious goodies are much higher in protein and lower in fat and sugar than store-bought chocolates. Plus, a homemade gift is sure to impress. It’s a muscle-building win-win !

If you love whatsoever chocolate or coconut , this procedure is for the reason that you ! These chocolate coconut protein truffles quantity a protein hit as well as plethora of fat-burning MCTs enjoys the coconut petrol. Did I state these trivial morsels are sinister, decadent , and delicious ?

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Whoever thinking up the suggestion of cake balls mixed as well as frosting with coated inside chocolate , we thank you . However other motive to skidded inside love: Each protein cake pop is cleanly over 100 calories with an impressive 9 grams of protein !

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If non-natural food coloring as well as weirdo amounts of sugar aren’t your jam , try out this ultra-moist , gorgeously vibrant cherry velvet protein cake organized also roasted beets ! I pledge, the beet tang is virtually undetectable also essentially blends remarkably well with the cream cheese frosting .

That someone brought up, if you’re fearful to seek beets a cake , only surrogate an compared portion of baked charming potato plus 1-2 tablespoons of burgundy diet coloring .

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Sarah Wilkins is a nutritionist , interest owner , researcher , also person responsible.