2017: Another Record Year For The Dietary Science Foundation, With Two Low-carb Studies Funded

blankHere’s some good low-carb related news. The Swedish Dietary Science Foundation aims to do high-quality research on how to treat health problems using positive dietary changes. They’re very positive to the potential of low-carb diets and they’ve now completed funding for two studies involving low carb.

The originally study will inspect the prospects of a low-carb food to enrich IBS, plus has before now commenced. The minute exploration will troth the largest probe forever to effort to stabilize blood glucose in kinsmen as well as type 1 diabetes by means of a dietary rework (i.e. fewer carbs) .

Choked disclosure: I’m on the board of directors of the Dietary Science Beginning, even though I’m unpaid along with withstand no pecuniary interests inside the not-for-profit origin.


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