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9 hours ago

Keto Daily

KETO ALMOND JOYS, the Fat Bomb you're looking for!

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Most of us can't afford that snack! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Obed and I are too! We can share recipes! Lol

Jamilee Nicole u make me some ? Lol

Don’t understand calling any of their recipes a diet. All full of fat-I could not have!!

It looks good, but i bet it;s not.

These are my FAVORITE snack when my sweet tooth gets a hankering!!! Better than store bought!!!

I’d make a much smaller batch and cut them into bite size squares with one almond. Having a small splurge like this helps get through the keto weeks.

Any suggestion for subbing coconut butter ?

Be careful which brand of Almond Flour you decide to use, some are higher in carbs than others. I scanned all of the ones I have in my home and this is what I got per 3 TBSP Bobs Red Mill is the highest in Net carbs When you purchase Almond Flour It should say “Whole Almonds” to be less carbs If it says “Made from Blanched Almonds” I think it ends up being more carbs.

Brett Booth...we need to make these!

Yup! I lost 55 pounds in a few brief months & live my best life eating foods like this and drinking ketones. Add me & ill shareπŸ”₯

Marilyn Johnson you can make me these as a welcome back to keto present πŸ˜‚

Does anyone have a suggestion that I could use instead of coconut butter? It's the only ingredient I dont have on hand. Thanks!

Ben Whitley know almond joy is my very favorite!!

I made these, and they turned out great!

I hate coconut

Where do you get these ingredients. Some never heard of.

These are good just make sure you pack them down well

looks good but I'll go with a coconut bar!!!

Add my keto group great recipes

What’s the nutritional info? Coconut can add up quickly on carbs

My stomach hates erythritol. It’s the best tasting sweetener that I have tried though. Anyone know a good alternative?

Do they need to stay in fridge after too? Or can you keep them out? (Party platter)

The Atkins versions of these are so good!

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1 day ago

Keto Daily

Easy Keto Meal Prep Breakfast!

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Looks great, yum!

Love reading these comments about how these aren't heart healthy and that if you just exercise and eat oatmeal and fruit you'll lose weight... I was very ill before starting keto. I'm now 50lbs lighter and still losing. My blood work has improved so much, my dr was amazed by how much my health improved by eating this "unhealthy" way... Instead of throwing stones leave us keto lovers be. I've had weight issues for 20+ years and this is the only thing I've been able to stick with because of the results and how much better I feel now.

I love the idea but mine always stick to the muffin tray and too hard to wash up so I make it as a slice.

This looks so yummy

These are great.

One of my favorite breakfast meals to make. It’s refrigerator and heat up well tooπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ’―

Just made...awesome

I've made this its amazing

How well do these heat up in the microwave?? I have a toaster oven at home that would be better but work only has microwaves.

I make these every Sun for the week. Only put. Cream cheese in mine love them

I love these but I hate cleaning muffin pans. I pour it all into a loaf pan and slice it lol.

I put cooked hash browns at the bottom of mine!

The cholesterol will give heart attacks? Dangerously delicious killer foods.

Oatmeal and blueberries, works harder and faster for weight loss, is better for you, no danger... And getting off of the couch helps.

These are really good my wife fix’s the all the time


How good is this for your heart??

I make these & they’re Terrific!!!! I’ve even had one with an english muffin!! “ YUM “

We're on the ketones too. Easy to do. Losing weight

I make these all the time with ground sausage and pepper jack cheese πŸ˜€

Vandi Johnson healthy breakfast items I need you to put some effort into this meal

I don't eat pork but make these with turkey bacon and onion added. Will try adding a bit of salsa too.

Needs onions and green peppers too. Lol. Might have to try these.

I use breakfast sausage, cheddar, green onions. So fast and delicious.

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2 days ago

Keto Daily

PICKLE POPPERS are exactly what we craving!

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Come on you Yankees use jalapenos instead!

Now I would have also mixed the scrapings from the pickles to the cream cheese mixture..wouldn't have wasted that

Hannah Snyder I saved this recipe so I can make for you. You’ll just need to remind me

They look good but sucks they scoop out the best part of the pickle. I would only do a little and leave the rest πŸ˜‹

Sounds delicious, although I’d leave out pepper flakes, for me....❀️❀️

Add the scooped out seeds to your ranch homemade dressing!!!

Absolutely genius. Why is this not already at every restaurant?

I make these with jalapenos, they are so good!

I love these but with jalepeno instead of pickles

hi. i’ve bought the ingredients like 3 times and never got around to making them. soooo glad you are here!!! let’s shoot for 7pm? cool. Suzzanne

Try them with jalapenos delicious!!!!!

We make these. They are so good and a nice change from the jalapeño poppers.

Love Keto Daily ❣️

What is the dip made of???

I like them with jalapeños ..But im curious to find out if these are good!

These are great!!!!

I have made these before. They are so yummy 😍

But pickles have sugar !!!!

What is a good keto dipping sauce for this?

Marcus Ivy looks fairly easy!

Looks delicious!

Mark Froisland I wanna try these!!!!

Made these a couple of weeks ago and we're in love! I served the dipping sauce but we found it wasn't needed.

Sounds so yummy

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