Are You Chromium Deficient?

HBN Thursday Night Presentation Featuring Chromium beStable

Are You Chromium Deficient?

Required in trace amounts by our bodies, Chromium is known to enhance the action of insulin, a hormone critical to the metabolism and storage of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the body.

Chromium’s role in regulating blood sugar, heart health, weight management, and brain health has been well researched. It plays a role in the insulin-signaling pathways that allow our bodies to control the amount of sugar we take in, thereby helping to balance blood glucose levels and giving us stable energy.

One study done by the Biomedical Research Center at the Louisiana State University found that Chromium supplementation effectively helped modulate food intake in healthy, overweight, adult women who reported craving carbohydrates. After comparing the effects of Chromium versus placebo in 42 overweight women over an eight-week period, the group taking 1,000 milligrams of Chromium daily experienced reduced food intake, reduced hunger levels, fewer fat cravings, and a slight decrease in body weight

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Deficiency Symptoms

– Cramps & tiredness (legs & arms)
– Poor Blood Glucose Control
– Low Energy, Fatigue, Anxiety
– Poor Skin Health
 -Increased Risk of High Cholesterol
 -Increased Risk of Heart Complications
 -Low Concentration & Poor Memory
 -Slower Healing After Injury

Benefits of Black Seed Oil Extract

Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) is a traditional herb that has been used for centuries to promote health and general well-being. It does not contain CBD and/or THC.

Also known as Black Cumin, Black Caraway, or the “Blessed Seed”, Black Seed has a rich and diverse chemical composition containing the phytochemicals thymoquinone and cryatalline nigellone, antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium.

Since 1959, over 500 peer-reviewed studies at international universities and untold journal articles have been published on this multi-faceted herb, and many of Black Seed’s components are still being discovered and researched.

Millions of people in Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa have used Black Seed for thousands of years to support the body with a variety of concerns like respiratory health, stomach and intestinal complaints, circulatory and immune system support, and skin conditions.

Black Seed may support metabolism and improve digestion, and published studies have shown that it may have a healthy effect on blood sugar levels.

Thymoquinone, the chief bioactive constituent in Black Seed, holds promising pharmacological properties against several diseases. It exhibits outstanding antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and other important biological activities.   LEARN MORE – CLICK HERE 

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Keto Daily


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Riana Marie I wish we can hang out n eat snacks all day!!!! Cant wait for summer!!

Tamara Jane and this is why the keto diet is so good!!!

Ashley McComish this looks so good, especially with the celery 😁

My favorite!

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Amy Morse this looks yummy !!!

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Keto Daily

Keto Chicken Enchiladas are on the Menu

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These are the bomb!

I can’t do dry meat and it looks so dry. I would need to cook it in a sauce and maybe do an egg cheese wraps


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Keto Daily

Keto PICKLE POPPERS 🏈 Tailgate Party Approved!

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These are so good!! Most popular thing I made for our Super Bowl party this year. Yummy!!!

Wow I love reading keto daily it's so helpful and the recipes are amazing!! Something that is also found really helpful is it's the only thing I've found that works so I figured it might help someone else😁

Made them and love them!

These are so good!!

Looks good!👍

Briyanna Axtell and Eden I’m thinking we need to make theses and Matt will like them, just have to get the pickles that he likes

nope, complete waste of bacon!

Megan Yarborough remember your said pickles would be better! Here’s your recipe lol

Hey Jessica have you tried this yet?


Sydney MacMillan looks yummy. On my way to get bacon!!!


Michelle this looks amazing!!!

Brett Brianne Standifird 🤔 you like pickles?

Gary Feldman...What do you think?

Chelsea Pierce here’s you a snack!

Danny Boots tomorrow?

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Tasha Dosch I’m just saying ..

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New Black Seed Oil and Frankincense Infused Skin Care Line by HB Naturals

Oh Yeah!!! Check out our awesome Skin Care Line with Black Seed Oil!! I am excited!!!!……

Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) Oil 
Thymoquinone, one of the key components in Black Seed Oil, has been studied since the 1960s for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Frankincense Essential Oil
Proven to support healthy cell function, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, and assist in reducing scars, stretch marks, age spots, and wrinkles.

Apricot Kernel Oil
This light, fast-absorbing oil is high in Vitamin K, which is known to reduce dark circles. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties, helps soothe and tighten skin, and reduces redness.

Aloe Leaf Juice Extract
Contains a range of antioxidants including Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E that can help improve natural firmness and elasticity while helping to keep skin hydrated.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)
Malic Acid (from apples), Tartaric Acid (from grapes), and Glycolic Acid (from sugarcane) aid in the reduction of wrinkles, softening lines, and improving the overall look & feel of skin.

Neem Seed Oil
Rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, carotenoids, and antioxidants that help protect skin against free radicals that cause signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots.

Want To Try CBD Oil But Stay THC Free HB Naturals?

Want to try CBD Oil but feel like you should really stick to your guns about the THC issue then you can try HB Naturals ENTOURAGE a full spectrum phytocannabinoid & therapeutic terpene, which is also THC free.

For many years most of us, and even most scientists, believed that cannabis sativa was the only plant able to produce constituents that can activate the endocannabinoid system. Thanks to research in the last few years, however, we now know cannabis is not the only plant that produces these life- enhancing constituents!

– Helichrysum has been shown to contain CBGA, CBG, and other prenylated dibenzyls similar to cannabinoids in cannabis sativa.

– Closely related to cannabis sativa, the hop vine is among dozens of plant species that produce phytocannabinoids and other compounds that interact similarly with the human endocannibinoid system.

– Copaiba contains high levels of beta-caryophyllene (BCP), a cannabinoid that interacts directly with the CB2 receptors in our body.

The little black seed of Nigella sativa is mentioned in described as a panacea (cure for all problems and diseases) by the Egyptians. It is believed to have more therapeutic power and healing properties than its cousin cannabis sativa.

ENTOURAGE  ActivatesYour Endocannabinoid System.

Entourage is a synergistic blend of eight phytocannabinoid producing plants. Combined, they create the phenomenon known as the “entourage effect”. This occurs when the natural constituents found in a plant interact together and with the human body to produce a stronger influence than any one of the plants used alone.

When we combine multiple compounds in their natural state, we don’t end up with the sum of the parts; we get a multiplying synergistic effect instead. 

Healing Trilogy Weight Loss Pack

The Healing Trilogy Weight Loss Pack by HB Naturals is a combination of award-winning organic superfoods combined together to give you the ultimate advantage of reducing inflammation in your body where you can finally lose weight.

The ingredients in MIND provide powerful nourishment for the brain and help the body with inflammation responsible for causing memory and cognitive dysfunction. The link between brain inflammation and mental health disorders explains why the first things customers feel when taking MIND are a sense of calm, increased feelings of happiness, and improved sleep. 

Just one serving of BODY provides powerful nourishment for your cardiovascular system and helps reduce chronic inflammation with our proprietary high nitrate beetroot (10,000 ppm) juice combined with hawthorn berry for maximum nitric oxide delivery. Nitric oxide helps the lining of the blood vessels relax, and that lowers blood pressure. This explains why our customers tell us that with consistent use of BODY their doctors are lowering their medications. 

Maintaining a healthy pH balance and supporting detoxification through the liver is your first step to controlling inflammation. SOUL is packed with chlorophyll-rich alkalizing green superfoods and ancient Ayurvedic herbs known to support the liver and kidneys. The link between pH balance, the gut, and inflammation explains why the first things customers notice when taking SOUL is an increase in energy and fewer food cravings. 

Lose more weight and burn fat without fasting or going on the next crazy fad diet! Unlike other weight loss products, SLIMMER does not contain laxatives or stimulants. It’s made with 9 powerful metabolism-boosting superfoods. It’s simple, it’s safe, and it works!

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Stop Brain Fog In Its Tracks

Stop Brain Fog in its tracks with Mind organic, ayurvedic superfoods.

As we age more and more of us are seeing our bodies outlasting our brain. The increase in devastating mind-related disorders is heartbreaking for so many.

Scientists have long known that inflammation contributes to these conditions, but lately, they have been turning up evidence that inflammation can affect the brain more directly and acutely, and might underlie a wider range of brain problems.

The ingredients in MIND provide powerful nourishment for the brain and help the body with inflammation responsible for causing memory and cognitive dysfunction.

The link between brain inflammation and mental health disorders explains why the first things customers feel when taking MIND are a sense of calm, increased feelings of happiness, and improved sleep.

Organic, ayurvedic superfoods are a must for this day and age when all of our food is processed or packed with very unhealthy chemicals.  This is why HB Naturals packs their products with only the freshest ingredients.

Superfood Ingredients:

Mucuna Pruriens: Naturally contains high levels of Levodopa, or L-dopa, which plays an important role in behavior, sleep, mood, memory, and learning.

Bacopa Monnieri: Its use as a nerve and brain tonic for memory, learning, and concentration goes back at least 3,000 years.

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA): A crucial omega fatty acid for the healthy structure and function of the brain. Studies suggest benefits on brain health and aging.

Curcumin (Turmeric): The Ohio State University found that Curcumin reduced the deadly amyloid plaque that develops in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s.

Licorice Root: Dr. Booze has found a substance in licorice root may prevent the nerve cell loss in the brain that’s associated with devastating health problems.

Adaptogen Complex: Adaptogenic herbs simultaneously calm and energize. Their unique abilities help improve mood, mental clarity, and physical stamina.

This is just one part of Heart & Body’s Healing Trilogy ayurvedic superfoods solution to better health.  Don’t do it for somebody else do it for yourself, Get you some.

What Is Rise Organic Arabica Instant Coffee by HB Naturals?

What is Rise Premium Organic Arabica Instant Coffee by Heart & Body Naturals or HB Naturals?

Approximately 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day, with about two-thirds of the people in the U.S.A. drinking at least one cup per day. Coffee is a part of so many people’s everyday lives, making it a natural, easy way to explore the many potential benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD).

Now you can RISE and shine every day with HB Naturals premium, 100% organic, fair trade Arabica Coffee from Brazil with a rich, smooth flavor with naturally low acidity. RISE delivers 25mg of THC-free water-soluble cannabinoids in every cup.

Rise Premium Organic Arabica Instant Coffee

Rise’s formula infuses nano-emulsified hemp extract into premium ground Arabica beans before they’re brewed, resulting in a more consistent measurement of CBD per cup than simply dropping CBD oil into the coffee.

The patent-pending water-soluble CBD oil formulation was developed through a proprietary nanoemulsion technology.

Active compounds are transformed into nano-sized emulsions, making them highly bioavailable within the body, and more permeable when applied topically. They are intended for dissolution immediately prior to consumption, which leads to a better dispersion of phytocannabinoids in the formula.

Cannabidiol (CBD) provides a balance to coffee’s natural caffeine and, for many people, alleviates the caffeine jitters and acid belly often associated with drinking coffee. Which makes sense because research suggests that CBD has both anti-anxiety and anti-nausea effects.

CBD’s energizing effects may reduce the overall amount of caffeine needed to perk up on a daily basis.

Both caffeine and CBD have been shown through research studies to promote happiness and overall health benefits.

They each possess antioxidant properties that protect our cells and DNA from taking damage, assist in the regeneration of cells, and protect against aging.

Coffee, and caffeine, in particular, is estimated to be the most-used antioxidant in the western hemisphere. Research has found coffee consumption to be linked to a lowered risk of diabetes, liver disease, dementia, and some cancers. And while the many potential health benefits of CBD are still being studied, it is a rapidly rising star in the holistic health world.

RISE is the perfect way to introduce CBD into your daily routine while staying alert, focused, and jitter-free!

Best Lavender Vera Essential Oil To Relieve Headaches

The Best Lavender vera that is an increasingly rare and valuable essential oil. Grown and wild harvested from high in the mountains, it
is becoming scarce due to weather and disease. It can be
used in the same manner as Lavender, fine, but has an added
benefit of increased ability to work at the emotional and
energetic levels in a way that far exceeds other varieties of
Lavender, vera (High Altitude) essential oil has the finest aroma
of all Lavender oils. It is grown at high altitude, which produces
a higher ester content in the oil (50-52%). It is primarily these
esters that give Lavender Vera its wonderful aroma.*
Pure Lavender oil is one of the most versatile aromatherapy
oils and is a ‘must-have’ for the home first-aid kit. It is extremely
beneficial for a wide variety of ailments ranging from aches,
pains, and skin complaints to colds & flu, stress, headaches,
and insomnia.*
Lavender Vera has a calming scent that makes it an excellent
tonic for the nervous system. It helps with headaches and
migraines, anxiety, depression, and emotional stress.*
Lavender, vera also has many benefits to the skin and is
especially regenerative for older skin, helping with wrinkles. It is
also very effective when used to kill lice, lice eggs, and nits.